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Are Waters Choice Enzymes Interchangeable?

Many people find recreational water chemistry intimidating, but it need not be.  Waters Choice Pure Enzymes make maintenance as simple as possible.  There's no need for so many different products.  Just Waters Choice enzymes, pH adjuster, water test strips, and a little bit of sanitizer.  That's it!  It's the same in a hot tub, swim spa, and a pool.  



In fact, Waters Choice Enzymes are specifically formulated for your hot tub and have a different formulation for your swim spa and another completely different formulation for your swimming pool.  Here's why:

  • Temperature - Perhaps the most obvious reason, in our opinion. Did you know that roughly, there is about a 20 degree separation between an average pool which will typically run at about 80 degrees and an average hot tub that'll run at about 100 degrees.  Then there's the swim spa that run somewhere in between or both. 

That 20 degrees in water temperature makes a big difference!  The hotter the water the more it'll boost the production of body wastes.  Not to mention the fact that it'll speed up chemical reactions that'll alter water balance and consume sanitizer which also provides a very comforable environment for bacteria to reproduce. Oh my ....

Given the fact that not only is the water hotter in a hot tub, but it's also frothy and fizzy.  It surges through piping and is squirted through nozzles, which have a significant effect on water balance and chemistry. Most pointedly, it drives carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the water.  This is a crucial point!  

It's safe to say that many of the differences you find in spa chemistry as opposed to pool chemistry are based on lack of CO2, which is lost through turbulent water flow and helped on its way to high temperatures.  This loss of CO2 ends up affecting pH balance and total alkalinity which can play havoc on a homeowner's attempt at water balance.

  • Volume Vs. Bathers

Differences in water volume is another consideration for spas in that the bather load per unit volume of water is much greater.  Furthermore, this problem is exacerbated by the effect on bathers of higher spa temperatures.  Comparitively speaking, two people in a 300 gallon spa is the same as 200 people in a 30,000 gallon pool!

Now imagine an enormous party of 200 people splashing and sweating in an ordinary backyard pool; that gives a clearer picture of the typical bather load in a spa.  At the same time, the spa's hot water causes those 200 equivalent bathers to sweat at a higher rate.  Not to mention the fact regarding the release of natural human debris such as flaking of the skin and release of oils to name a few, occur at a faster rate adding to the pronounced bather load effect.

By the same token, given your hot tub's small body of water and these exacerbating factors, it makes it more difficult to keep water clean and clear, whereas in a residential pool (which is more likely to see five or ten bathers on an average day, tops) there is a lot more volume and bather load is diluted, reducing it's impact.

  • Bottom Line

Hot tubs, swim spas, and pools have different temperatures, water volume, and bather loads.  Our Waters Choice Pure Enzymes are specifically designed to accommodate these differences.  Using a swimming pool enzyme product in a hot tub will NOT have the desired results.  Additionally, our hot tub enzyme product in a swim spa will also not have a positive effect.  

A good rule of thumb is to remember that our Waters Choice Pure Spa Enzymes are created for up to 500 gallons of hot water.  Our SWIM Spa enzymes are created for up to 2,000 gallons of water and our swimming pool enzymes are for those cooler temperatures (which can still be around 80 degrees).  

Still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail, text message directly from our website or simply give us a call. We enjoy talking to you!


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