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Common Pool Maintenance Mistakes

Pool maintenance is a chore! However, Waters Choice pool ENZYMES reduce the amount of chemicals but there are still a few items that must be done. Learn what the most common pool maintenance mistakes are:

Neglecting to Brush Your Pool

Even if you have a pool vacuum, it's necessary to regular brush the sides and bottom of your pool.

While a pool vacuum is great at collecting debris, regular brushing of the sides and bottom of the pool are necessary for eliminating bacteria, germs and algae.

Manually vacuuming your pool is difficult and time consuming. Therefore, many rely on automatic vacuums.

But automatic vacuums don't do as great of a job taking algae out of the pool.

For algae removal, stick with the manual vacuum. It's important to vacuum, skim and brush.

Water's choice pool maintenance tips

Ignoring Your Pool's pH and Alkalinity Levels

The proper balance of pool chemicals is critical. Low pH can cause eye and skin irritation as well as corrosion of your pool's equipment.

Damage to your pool or equipment caused by overly acidic (low pH) pool water may not be covered under warranty.

The more alkaline (high pH) the water, the less effective your chlorine will be.

Proper alkalinity will keep the water in your pool stable, keeping it from fluctuating too much between basic (alkaline) and acidic.

Adding Pool Shock

Water's choice pool maintenance tips

The reason many pool owners shock a pool is to get rid of chloramine buildup. Chloramine result from the combination of

1) chlorine disinfectants and

2)perspiration, oils, and urine that enter pools on the bodies of swimmers.

Shocking eliminates those chloramines. The shock is a form of unstabilized chlorine that needs to be kept at a specific break-point.

The rapid evaporation of chloramine will take the pool water away from this stabilized, safe, break-point.

Shock and chlorine create a dangerous combination when mixed together.

In most cases, a deadly gas will result. If you have an automatic chlorinator attached to your skimmer, the mixture of chlorine and shock can cause your skimmer to explode!

When dealing with chlorine and shock, caution cannot be emphasized enough.

Using Waters Choice Pool Treatment Enzymes dramatically reduces the chloramine buildup which allows you to eliminate shock. Use Waters Choice enzymes for a safe environment around your pool.

Not Running the Pool's Filter for 8 Hours a Day

Filtration is one of the most important things keeping your pool clean. It's important for it to cycle all the pool water at least once a day. The amount of time for one cycle varies on the size of the pool, but most pools need at least 8 hours for one filtration cycle. Multiple cycles are recommended. Don't be afraid to run your pool filter and pump for 24 hours per day.

Neglecting to Regularly Test the Pool Water

Always test your pool's water once a week to make sure your pool has properly balanced pH and alkalinity.

Sanitizer levels should be checked weekly as well.

If you're having trouble, you may need to check for phosphates, nitrates, calcium hardness, copper and/or iron, slat and total dissolved solids levels.

You can use instant test strips or liquid test kits.

Use these tips for the most beautiful, crystal clear, and healthy pool.

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Water's choice pool maintenance tips


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