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Cloudy Spa Water Questions

“We’ve just purchased our first spa and it came with a Waters Choice Spa Care Kit. We filled it up with water on Monday, added a bottle of Waters Choice Pure Enzymes and used the granular chlorine that came with our kit. We feel like we followed the directions correctly. However, as of this morning (Wednesday) our spa is cloudy and we noticed it’s getting foamy. Help!” -Mindy

Water's Choice cloudy water spa

We are always glad when customers call us so we can help them! Moreover, the important thing to remember is not to panic.

It's Normal

It’s actually normal for a spa just starting on enzymes to have cloudy water.This is an indication that our enzymes are becoming established and are breaking down organics.

During this phase, we recommend that you only add 2 teaspoons of granular chlorine every other time your use your spa.

It’s easy to think that more chlorine might clear up the cloudy water but it will also stop our enzymes from working.

One more thing, don’t be surprised when your test strip doesn’t detect any chlorine.This is normal too.

The cloudy phase can last up to 4-6 weeks. As a side note, it’s completely fine to use your spa while the enzymes are becoming established.

Just be sure to add the 2 teaspoons of chlorine every other time you use it.

Here is a handy list of things to help this phase go smoothly:

1) Taking out filters every week and cleaning them with high pressure.

2) Be sure your spa is set to filter for at least 8 hours a day until the cloudiness clears up.

3) Don’t add more than the recommended amount of chlorine.

4) Keep pH and alkalinity in balance.

5) Don’t add any other chemicals or additives to your spa water.

Less Chlorine

One of the great benefits of using Waters Choice enzymes are the ability to use less chlorine, no shock, no metal remover, no scale preventer, or other harsh chemicals.

In turn, saving you money for other things, for example, our delicious aromatherapy spa salts. (wink wink)

Interestingly enough, you can go up to a full year before needing to drain and re-fill your spa water. Unlike when using a traditional spa chemical system.

Foamy Spa Water

Let’s address the possibility of foamy water during this process.

Water's Choice cloudy water spa

Foam is almost always associated with detergent or soap. To put it another way, we highly suggest washing your swim wear WITHOUT detergent.

In our opinion, it’s ok to wear your swim suits in your spa and then hang them up to dry and reuse.

However, if you feel like they need a wash, simply do this with a very minimal amount of detergent and then rinse them very, VERY well. *Articles of clothing can hold a lot of detergent.*

So, the best way to get rid of the foam in your spa is to scoop it up and out over the edge.This will get rid of the majority of the problem. In addition to this, try to pinpoint when you first saw the foam or when you might have noticed it after a certain event.

We're Here For YOU

Never hesitate to give us a call at Waters Choice. One of the nice things about working with a small business is that we have long-term, knowledgeable people answering our phones. Don’t be surprised if you call and actually speak with our owners, they answer the phones too!

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We’ll see you there!

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