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Winter Sports, Hydrotherapy & Enzymes

Falling temperatures and snow are a great indication (at least in our neck of the woods) that the winter sports season is upon us. Many families (and us too!) look forward to this time of year where we can swish down slopes on skis, tackle bumpy terrain on a snowboard, slide down a hill on a sleigh or even twirl around on ice skates.

However, along with these fun activities can be injuries. After recently reading an article in the 2019 issue of Health & Medical, injuries are far more likely to happen when muscles, tendons and ligaments are cold or when they are fatigued.

The article also pointed out that a number of significant injuries occur at the end of a long day.

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Hot Tubs/Spa More Than Recreational

With that said, at Waters Choice we find that most people look at their hot tub or spa completely as a recreational device.

Most purchase it with the intent to relax and completely overlook one of the hot tub/spa’s best uses.

Spas EXCEL in the role of improving health and wellness, thus keeping muscles, tendons and ligaments warmed up and in good shape leading to LESS injuries and better OVERALL health. With that said, using our proprietary blend of Waters Choice Pure Enzymes for Spas it just makes your spa water healthier.  You'll get rid of most traditional chemicals when using our enzymes and find you love how your water feels and smells.  Gone will be red eyes, ruined swim clothing and that strong chlorine smell. 

Did we mention that we happen to carry pH Up and pH Down?  Along with that, we also have a fantastic brand of water testing strips that we use ourselves.  Jump over to our website and order yours.

Hot Water Therapy

Comparatively speaking, hydrotherapy; otherwise known as water massage is used to help relieve many different issues and conditions as well as improve many functions of the body. It’s been used for centuries.

The ancient Greeks and Romans depended on it for healing and improved many common health issues.

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Natures Most Powerful Healing Agents

By combining three of nature’s most powerful healing agents; heat, water, and air all working in tandem, gently massaging your body, you can relieve many ailments, aches, and pains. As a matter of fact, hospitals and treatment centers around the world use hydrotherapy. 

Don’t miss out on the therapeutic benefits of your hot tub during these winter months. Enjoy all of your favorite winter sports and avoid unnecessary injuries by taking advantage of your spa.

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