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FAQ - Pool Opening and Chemicals

Pool chemicals are important to the safety of your pool.  But things can get complicated and confusing. It's challenging when trying to figure out what chemicals are needed and how much is needed to attain that optimum balance between comfort and sanitation. Testing strips help but sometimes we still need a little bit more help.

Below are frequently asked questions about pool chemicals that may help you both care for your pool water and enjoy it!

Is Your Pool Water Chemistry Correct?

The perfect balance of your pool chemicals is threefold:

1) It gives you a pleasant swimming experience.

2) Your water is sanitized.

3) It protects pool and equipment so they work properly.

Any imbalance whether something is too basic or acidic can negatively affect on or all three of these elements.

What's the Right Water Balance?Waters Choice pool dog relaxing in the sun.

Figuring out the amount of chemicals and the proportion of chemicals can be hard but the perfect balance will achieve the perfect balance of an enjoyable and sanitized swim.

Furthermore, the basic guidelines for proper chemical balance in pools are the following: pH should be between 7.2 and 7.6.

Total Alkalinity should be between 120 to 150 parts per million (ppm).

Calcium hardness should be between 220 and 250 ppm or 175 to 225 for vinyl pools. 


Free chlorine should be between 1 and 3 ppm. 

In the long run, if you're using Waters Choice Pure Enzymes for Pools you will use less chlorine. We recommend your chlorine level be between .5 and 1 ppm when using our enzymes.

How Often Do I Test My Pool Water?  Insta test poll water testing strips chart.

When using traditional chemicals in your pool water you should test it's pH and chlorine levels at least once a week.

It's preferable to check twice a week in the summer months when your pool is used most often.

During intense high temperatures, you'll want to check these levels daily.

When using Waters Choice enzymes and once they're established, you may only need to test pool water once a month!

Do I Shock My Pool Water?

One of the great things about using Waters Choice Pure Enzymes for Pools is that it eliminates the need to shock your pool.  However if you're not using our enzymes, it's important to note that if you smell a strong presence of chlorine, the water needs shocked.

Stong smell of chlorine? The strong smell is caused by a build up of chloramines interacting with outside contaminants such as sunscreen, hairspray, body oils and urine.

Waters Choice Pure Enzymes for Pools break down these contaminants eliminating the need for shock.  *Click HERE for an additional blog post.*

The chloramines also contribute to red stinging eyes. Enzymes allow the little amount of pool chlorine needed, to be efficient in what it does best.

Can I Use Last Years' Chemicals?

You should use your pool chemicals by their expiration date.  Using chemicals that are past their expiration date may not be as effective and will alter the balance of your pool water.

You should never dispose of expired pool chemicals in your trash, down the drain, or in the toilet.  Instead, we recommend you contact your local waste management department.  A hazardous waste facility can help you dispose of your pool chemicals properly as well.

8-10-20If using Waters Choice Pure Enzymes for Pools, remember to keep them out of direct sunlight as the UV rays will deteriorate our product.

After the first year, Waters Choice pool enzymes lose about 10% of their effectiveness.

In essence, when using Waters Choice enzymes, you'll cut out all of your opening and closing chemicals.

This alone will save you money and chemical exposure.

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