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It's NOT Too Late To Use Enzymes for Your Pool Water!

Want to try out Waters Choice Pure Enzyme Pool Treatment but just don't quite know how to start?  Here is a simple blog post about what to do in order to get ready for enzyme use. Looking for more information?  Click HERE!

First Things First Basic pool cleaning supplies

Use your leaf net and pole to scoop out as much debris and organic matter (leaves, mud, algae) off the bottom of your pool floor as you can. 

Afterward, use your skimmer net and pole to skim floating debris off the surface of the pool water.

Once you've removed as much of the sludge and debris as you possibly can off the pool floor, start your pool filtering process.

Basic Pump and Filter Set Up

You should have a skimmer basket with a hose going to your pool pump.  From there, it should go to the filter and back into the pool.  Most pool filters will have a pressure gauge.  This gauge helps you know what your pool's baseline pressure is.  When pressure rises 5-7 pounds over your base line, it's time to turn off the pump and clean your filter.  You can easily accomplish this by hosing off the filter.  However, if you have a sand filter, simply turn it to backwash the filter then use the rinse option for a minute or two and turn the handle back to it's filter option.

Once you've done this, simply start your pool pump once again. Make sure there are no leaks or that you don't hear any air suction in the lines.  If so, find and address those issues quickly. A few things to check would be hose connections and if the pump lid is seated correctly. 

Test Your Pool Water Waters Choice 3-way test strips.

Using a three way test strip to adjust the pH and alkalinity balance in your pool water is very simple. 

It'll tell you right away if you need to lower your pH or raise it up. 

Generally, alkalinity will follow the pH, so don't worry too much about that just yet.

Liquid Chlorine

Liquid chlorine is your best friend right now especially if you have green pool water.  We highly recommend using liquid POOL chlorine.  It's has a higher potency than household bleach and will serve you well. 

Please keep in mind that you should always add pool chlorine in the evening.  Heat and sunlight are algae's best friend. Pool Chlorine added at night or in the evening, when weather is cooler and the sun is down is your best option.

Furthermore, heat and direct sunlight burn off chlorine quickly and you don't want to waste your time or money. Waters Choice wants you to be successful in getting your pool ready for enzymes.

Brush Down Your Pool Sides and Bottom

Grab your pool brush and pole and start brushing the sides above the water line.  Make sure to brush all the way down the wall and across the floor.  Brush as far as you can reach!

Do this all the way around your pool.  Next let the filter run all day.  It's good to note that unless you're expecting a wind storm that'll blow debris into your pool water, go ahead and let that filter run for 24 hours. Adding at least one gallon of pool chlorine in the evening and letting it circulate all night or at the very least for a few hours before shutting off your pump.

What Do I Do Now?

The next day, turn off your pool pump and clean it's filter well. Afterwards, turn it back on, brush your pool liner more, let the water filter for another 24 hours (optimally) and add one more gallon of the liquid pool chlorine.

Continue this process until pool water is milky white, light green or even clear (which is the goal here)!

Grab Your Pool Vacuum

Once your pool water is clear and you can see the bottom, otherwise vacuum the bottom if you see light debris. Using a leaf net again to scoop out any large amounts of debris is handy. 

Make sure you use a vacuum head that's safe for vinyl lined pools.  We use a triangular vacuum head that fits on the end of a telescoping pole that connects to our skimmer basket by way of a hose.

Now You Can Use Enzymes in Your Pool Water!  Enzyme Pool Treatment

Once your water is clear, you can start using Waters Choice Pure Enzymes for Pools.  This will allow you to use much less chlorine (.5 - .1 ppm). 

A suggestion would be to add one chlorine puck to your skimmer basket and run your pool for a day. 

Using your 3 way test strips, test to see where your chlorine level is.

Additionally, make sure to add Waters Choice enzymes according to the directions on the bottle and test your chlorine levels, pH and alkalinity levels at LEAST once a week and keep your pool water balanced. 

Notably, changing chlorine, pH and alkalinity is a slow process.  For example, you may treat your water for high pH levels but won't necessarily see any results until the next day. 

So be patient, you're balancing a lot of water! But at the same time, if you start to see any aglae, get on top of killing it soon! Don't wait! Algae blooms fast and if you wait, you'll have a huge additional task on your hands getting rid of it.

Use Less Traditional Pool Chemicals

Once your pool water is clean, enzymes will enable you to eliminate shock and opening and closing chemicals.  It's always a very good idea to cover your pool when you close it in the fall.

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Never hesitate to give us a call at Waters Choice or send us an e-mail with any questions.  It seems like an arduous process in order to use enzymes but the benefits afterward are many. 

Pool water that sparkles, is easy to maintain, makes your skin feel soft after swimming and because it's non toxic, your pets can swim in it as well! 

Another advantage to using Waters Choice Pure Enzymes for Pools is that your swim wear will not bleach after swimming all summer, no more red and sore eyes and you'll find you won't need goggles anymore.

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We'll see you there!


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