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Spa PRE-FILTER and Start Up Kit Success

The Max FE Ultra C6-55 Extreme Pre-Filter is an invaluable addition to your pool or hot tub setup. Let me tell you why.

This is Tawnya and every once in awhile, the fine owners at Waters Choice let me step in and write a blog post telling of my own mistakes (and there's plenty). They let me do this with the hope that the readers of this post will understand that sometimes we go through the same hot tub issues. 

Learning Curves Can Be Long

There is definitely a learning curve when learning how to best care for and balance your spa water. But by following what Waters Choice suggests, your learning curve can be a very short one.

So, back to my story ... apparently I learn things the hardest way possible and like most everyone else, when we first purchased our hot tub we were elated!

No more sore muscles, no more stress, and happiness would abound (cue the little tweeting birds). Unfortunately, it didn't exactly go that way.

Waters Choice Enzyme Start Up and Care KitHappy family in their hot tub using Waters Choice Spa Starter and Care Kit.

Thankfully our local spa company sent us home with a Waters Choice Enzyme Start Up and Care Kit along with one of these funny looking pre-filters

Being brand new to the idea of spa water care, I said thank you and went about filling our new spa with water.

We excitedly sat in our new hot tub each day.  But soon, we noticed a smell.  One that grew stronger each day. 

Then we noticed that our spa water was cloudy and had rough, sandpaper like stuff on the walls and floor.

Feeling confused, scratching my head and not wanting to go to the trouble of dumping our hot tub water I pulled out the Waters Choice Three Month Start Up and Care Kit

Inside this box I found these items:

  • 3 - 12 oz Pure Enzymes
  • 1 - 20 oz. PH Increaser
  • 1 - 20 oz. PH Decreaser
  • 1 - 16 oz. Sanitizer
  • Test Strips (50 strips)
  • Instructions

Excellent Customer Service

To make a long story short, I called Waters Choice in a panic.  After talking to them and once I read the directions given, I realized that it's INCREDIBLY important to use a pre-filter attached to my water hose when filling the hot tub with water.

By removing damaging metals from my water supply and inactivating calcium because of the ionic change, I could've avoided the cloudy water AND the sandpaper feel to the walls and floor of our hot tub.

Use this ion pre-filter attached to your hose when filling your hot tub or swim spa.Additionally, by using this pre-filter,  iron, chlorine and chloramines from our water supply would not have entered our hot tub water.

Keep in mind, this would've made my water maintenance routine very simple.

Here are a few more of this filter's attributes from their website-

  • Removes scale, calcium, magnesium, iron, lead, copper and other heavy metals as well as many other harmful contaminants like chlorine, chloramines, hydrogen sulfide, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • Reduces pesticides and bacteria.
  • Prevents floating flakes, unsightly stains, and nasty smells.
  • Reduces the demand on sanitizer and protects heater from burnout.
  • Higher quality fill water makes water feel more natural, soft, and pure.

Ultra C6-55 Pre-Filter also effectively reduces:

Aluminum, Arsenic, Bacteria, Barium, Cadmium, Chloramines, Chlorine, Chromium III, Chromium VI, Endrin, Hydrogen Sulfide, Iron, Lead, Lindane, Mercury, Methoxychlor, Odor, Radon, Selenium, Sil Vex 2,4,5-TP, Toxaphene, 2,4-D Pesticide, THMs, and VOCs.

Three Way Test Strips

Secondly, using the easy to use test strips included in my kit, I began to regularly test the pH level of my hot tub water.  This would have helped me manage my stinky water as well. Then I used the pH Up or pH Down to balance the water.  I also made sure to follow Waters Choice directions and added a little granular chlorine as well.

Now let's talk ENZYMES!  Enzymes will break down the organic matter in your water.

As a matter of fact, by using the monthly bottle of Pure Enzymes for Spas, (and balancing the water chemistry) and following their directions, our spa water became clear, it sparkled and it no longer had a nasty smell.

Equally important, it took a few days for the enzymes to become established and do their job but we were SURE glad when they went to work! 

As a side note, we washed the regular filter from the hot tub every day and this helped too.

It's important not to be scared away by the fancy name for this effective pre-filter.

Likewise, the Max FE Ultra C6-55 Extreme Pre-Filter  also ideal for home owners with a well, people who love to garden, for RV's & camping, and for ponds & aquariums. In my opinion, you can't beat that!

Thanks to Waters Choice Pure Enzymes for Spas and the fact that we know how to keep our hot tub water healthy, we love sitting in it even more.  In the long run, it's been a pleasant experience and one we can share with our family. 

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