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Busting Myths About Pool Salt Generators and Sanitation

Do you currently own or are you thinking about the purchase of a saltwater system in your swimming pool? If you are, beware of misleading information in regard to saltwater pools/salt generators and sanitation.

A Saltwater Pool IS a Chlorine Pool  Misconceptions about salt generators and sanitizing your pool water.

First of all, the biggest misconception about saltwater pools is that they are chlorine free. 

This is simply not true. Actually, a salt generator is converting salt into chlorine.

For a swimming pool's water to be sanitary, you'll need something that will kill bacteria and algae in the water. 

Salt just simply cannot do this. Salt systems are therefore more appropriately called saltwater chlorine generators.

The "generator" converts salt into chlorine which is a means of sanitizing.

Another misconception is that salt systems contain fewer chemicals. They do not. They aren't more "natural" than a regular chlorine system.  And frankly, if you think you might possibly have a chlorine allergy, a saltwater pool won't solve your problem.

Saltwater Pools Require Maintenance

For starters, a clean pool is just one factor of water quality. Another factor is your pool's water balance. So let's talk about the importance of balanced water in your swimming pool water.

Water balance is all about keeping regular care of the variety of chemical levels in the water. That includes pH and Alkalinity (ALK). Without balance, the water itself will damage your pool shell, plumbing, and equipment. As a result of improper balance, you'll end up with one of two outcomes:

  1. Swimming pool water will become cloudy.  Cloudy water leads to scale deposits on pool walls causing equipment failure.
  2. Your swimming pool water will leach material out of the shell, causing shell pitting and equipment failure.

I don't know about you but it seems like these are both bad outcomes! Even though saltwater pools may be praised for their ease of use, the water still needs to be balanced. Salt systems don't balance or keep your pool water balanced on their own. Click HERE for test strips.

Saltwater Generators Require Maintenance

It's also good to note that if a salt system isn't cared for regularly it'll lose it's efficiency.  Furthermore, over time it will produce less chlorine. Less chlorine results in green pool water.  Click HERE for additional causes of green pool water.

A salt generator is made of electrodes.  These require regular cleaning to remove deposits that gather there. Furthermore, these deposits reduce the generator's efficiency, thus stopping it from doing it's job.

To maintain best performance, most cells need to be inspected at least every two months.  The slightest blockage could render the entire unit ruined.

Keep in mind that salt systems that have a "self cleaning" feature still need regular care as well.

Salt Cells Won't Last Forever  Salt cells won't last forever.

Lastly, even with routine care, the generator's cell WILL fail over time. A properly maintained salt cell typically lasts from 3 to 5 years.

Sadly, an improperly maintained cell can fail within a year.

Salt Generator cells require periodic care to remove scale and deposits. Even then, the cell will still wear out and require costly replacement.

As you can see, this is really more work than most of us want!


What About Enzyme Use?  UntitledDesign-27

Waters Choice Pure Enzymes for Pools are completely suitable for salt generators. Therefore, if you already have one installed, simply follow these easy steps:


  1. Turn your salt generator down to it's lowest setting.
  2. Maintain the correct dose of Waters Choice Pure Enzymes for Pools.
  3. Keep pH and ALK balanced! It's just that SIMPLE.

If you've been considering a salt generator for the touts of a more natural approach, consider looking into Waters Choice Pure Enzymes instead.

Our proprietary broad spectrum blend of enzymes ARE all NATURAL and allow you to use FAR LESS CHEMICALS.

Enzymes are gentle on your pool equipment and plumbing, your skin and your health.  Did we mention that enzymes are safe for the environment as well? In addition to all of these benefits, you'll also find a large savings which is so much easier on your pocketbook. (...and we ALL like that!)

Would you like more information about pool water maintenance? Click the pictures below ...

ChlorineAlternatives...Helpfu lblog posts.

Waters Choice Pure Enzymes for Pools is NSF certified.

Invest in your backyard with a swimming pool that is easy to install.

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