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Overcome Your Fear of Enzymes

"You measure the size of the accomplishment by the obstacles you had to overcome to reach your goals" -Booker T. Washington

Marketing ENZYMES has its challenges. Ours is a very small industry. But at Waters Choice we have reliable insights and data backed by scientists and chemists. So what holds customers back from making the decision to use enzymes over the many toxic chemicals available for purchase?

Fear ... It's FEAR

Getting over fear of enzymes waters choice boise

Enzymes for your pool and spa water are considered something of the "unknown" and there is a general lack of understanding about them. Consequently, because our industry is so small, it takes a lot of advertising, word of mouth, online and print material to show customers the BENEFITS of using our broad spectrum blend of enzymes in their swimming pool, swim spa and hot tub water.

Get the Correct Information

With the correct information and therefore knowledge, clearing common misunderstandings about our NATURAL WATER TREATMENT with consumers can be easy. For this reason, we are happy to share our supportive research and information about the many benefits of our enzyme products.

Hot tub and pool owners are increasingly tuned into the "green scene". Our water care enzymes are the greenest and most innovative products found.

Information about enzymes waters choice boise

Therefore, with Waters Choice's help, the pool, spa and hot tub industry can make giant strides as eco-friendly.

We are literally on a crusade to help this industry to be seen as a true form of eco-friendliness and a successful part of the "green scene".

Trust Us

Getting over fear of enzymes waters choice boise

"For years, as a spa dealer, we have asked if we have an easy way to maintain a spa without the use of chemicals. After testing Waters Choice ourselves for three months, we began introducing it to our clients. It has been a HUGE HIT! So far, over 90% of our clients that have been told about the benefits of using Waters Choice, have switched over and LOVE it! I think we have finally found the solution we have been looking for. Way to go Waters Choice!
--Candis, Deckit Spas

In short, at Waters Choice, we really appreciate testimonials like this! It's proof that what we are doing is GOOD and WORTH every effort we make to get the word out about our pool and spa supplies. It's proof that our last 17 years have been successful!

Getting over fear of enzymes waters choice boise

Enzymes Are Natural & Highly Concentrated

There have been and still are many obstacles in our battle to get the word out about our all natural and highly concentrated water treatment products. With your help, we can both reach our goals and have a successful year.

We really appreciate receiving additional testimonials and feedback about our products. **As a reminder, sign up for our newsletter and make sure you follow us on our social media platforms making sure not to miss out on any important announcements.

Getting over fear of enzymes waters choice boise
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