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If Your Spa Water Could Choose ...

If your spa water could talk, what would it say to you? GREAT QUESTION! We think your spa water is BEGGING you to start using Waters Choice ENZYMES. We also believe your spa water is BEGGING you to change its FILTER ….

The beginning of a NEW MONTH is always a fantastic time to set new goals and here are few suggestions from us.

Waters choice enzymes and filters boise idaho
Waters choice enzymes and filters boise idaho

Still Using Chemicals?

Ask yourself, are you STILL using traditional chemicals to treat your water? Are you STILL dumping your gross, smelly water every month or even sooner? How long has it been since you replaced or cleaned your hot tub filter?

In our opinion, immersing yourselves in chemically treated water isn’t healthy. That’s why we at Waters Choice are passionate about our Natural Water Care.

We entered into the business of manufacturing enzymes and other natural water care products for your spa, hot tub, swim spas and swimming pools because we personally didn’t like sitting in chemically treated water.

We found that too much chlorine in our spa and swimming pool water bleached our swim suits. It made our skin feel dry and burned our eyes. To clarify we disliked the smell of it not to mention the EXPENSE of purchasing many other different chemicals to maintain balanced water.

Additionally, we found that dumping our spa water every month was time consuming and a hassle.

At Waters Choice we’ve specifically designed our natural water care products to ENHANCE your experience in your spa.

Filters Play A Key Role

Filters play a KEY role in keeping your spa water and swimming pool water clear. Certainly, they are one of the most IMPORTANT factors in maintaining quality water.

Waters Choice offers PRE-FILTERS to ensure you start with the freshest water, CARTRIDGE filters for keeping your spa water clean, FILTER SAVERS for extra filtration and even DISPOSABLE filters for your convenience. Check out our filters page on our website HERE or give us a call with any questions.

American Made

Waters choice enzymes and filters boise idaho

By using quality AMERICAN-MADE filter fabric our filters last longer and clean more efficiently. They really are a GREAT product!

Filter savers include bottom filters. These will filter out the heavier particles that fall into the bottom of your spa and won’t become collected by the top skimmer.

Additionally, top filters work WITH the skimmer in your spa, filtering larger particles as well. All are simple to clean and replace.

Start the Month Out Right

We want you to start the month off right by MARKING YOUR CALENDARS. Set reminders for yourself to clean your spa and pool filters and when to add enzymes.

We hope you have a great week and as always, please give us a call or email us with any questions. Don’t forget, we have a superb customer service team!

Waters choice enzymes and filters boise idaho
Waters choice enzymes and filters boise idaho

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