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Is Aromatherapy a Natural Fix for Pain?

If you think the smell of a fresh lemon or a pine tree at Christmas can immediately lift your mood, you may not be surprised to learn that certain other aromas can calm nerves and even alleviate pain.

What is Aromatherapy? Waters Choice has a sample pack of their aromatherapy spa salts.

Aromatherapy is not a cure for disease.  As a matter of fact, oils from roots, leaves, seeds, or blossoms of certain plants are used to reduce stress and create a healing environment. 

These essential oils are absorbed through different routes such as inhalation, topical absorption and ingestion. 


In the same fashion, inhalation is the fastest and safest way of getting oils into the body.

What Happens to Essential Oils in the Body?

Essential Oils’ scent travels from the olfactory nerves to the brain.  That in turn, sends messages to areas of the nervous system that control mood and perception of symptoms such as anxiety and pain.  It’s basically a chemical reaction of receptors in the brain responding to the oils.

Which Scents are Associated With Pain Relief?  Waters Choice Wellness aromatherapy spa salt.

Research shows that peppermint can help ease headaches along with gastrointestinal, muscle and neck pain. 

Additionally, rosemary can also help manage pain.  Waters Choice WELLNESS aromatherapy salt uses these exact scents.

Do Essential Oils Have Side Effects?

According to our research, essential oils aren’t usually harmful.  However, some people may experience skin irritation if an oil is not diluted before being applied topically.  In the same fashion, some oils can react with certain medications. 

Please check with your doctor first especially if you have asthma, allergies, seizure disorders, heart conditions, or high blood pressure.  If you’re pregnant or have certain types of cancer our research suggests that you should avoid them as well.

Can Aromatherapy Be Used in a Spa or Swim Spa?  Waters Choice aromatherapy can be used in a swim spa as well.

You don’t want to trade the stress relief that comes from a relaxing and aromatic soak in a hot tub or swim spa for the stress that comes from having your spa components damaged by improperly-used essential oils. 

Hot tubs and swim spas are not designed to circulate and filter thick substances like oils and may lead up to buildup and other problems over time. 

As far as we’re concerned, a good rule of thumb would be: if a product isn’t specifically designated for use in a hot tub or swim spa, don’t add it to your water

It’s important to note that all Waters Choice Aromatherapy Salts are specially formulated to use in your hot tub or swim spa. 

How Do I Use Waters Choice Aromatherapy Salts? Waters Choice has an array of aromatherapy spa salt scents for you to choose from.

Just read and follow instructions.  Waters Choice Aromatherapy Salts are so concentrated that it’s important that you shake the jar well before adding to your spa. 

Oils used in Waters Choice spa salts can settle to the bottom of the jar. 

The good news is that the aromatherapy salt will fully dissolve after being added to your spa or swim spa water and can be added before or during your spa use. 

The amount you add will depend on the desired strength of the scent.  We recommend that you’ll typically use ½ to one full cap full of ours.

Aromatherapy in Your Spa - Safe and Effectively

Aromatherapy options specifically designed to safely interact with your water care system such as Waters Choice Pure Enzymes come in many fragrances and forms.  They can be crystals, liquids, salts and capsules.  However, Waters Choice Aromatherapy Spa Salts are a favorite choice. 

Customer Reviews Thumbs up to Waters Choice customer reviews.

Many of our customers tell us they look forward to an uplifting soak with our spa salt called Happy.  It’s reminiscent of Caribbean fruit to soothe tired and achy muscles.  What about an exotic and seductive aroma with a romantic flare that’ll set you in the mood using Exotic Night

Furthermore, restore your mind with Refresh.  It’s a clean and delightful scent of cucumber mixed with sweet, juicy melon to make you feel like you are in a rain forest next to a waterfall. 

We’ve been told that Summer Breeze evokes the feeling of a warm summer day! It’s floral scent is similar to gardenia with a lighter, smoother top note. 

Equally important is our spa salt called Tranquility.  Many say the word that comes to mind when you smell this rich aroma is that it feels warm and inviting with a sweet and spicy scent.

Take Time to Unwind  Relax and take time to soothe your soul using Waters Choice aromatherapy spa salts.

Our best advice at Waters Choice is take time to unwind in the soothing, fragrant waters of your hot tub or swim spa. 

We want you feeling confident that your aromatherapy won’t cause any unwanted side effects for your or your spa.

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