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Lowering pH in Pool and Spas

Interested in a few strategies for lowering your swimming pool and spa water pH levels? Believe it or not, this is an issue many are concerned with as pool and spa owners fight to balance their water daily and keep it balanced. At Waters Choice, we can help you make your water maintenance simple and easier on your budget.

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In our opinion, one thing you need to consider when preparing your swimming pool for closure or opening or even maintaining your spa is the water's pH level. Unfortunately, the importance of the correct pH level is often overlooked.  It's absolutely vital to maintaining the water in your pool and spa.  So, in an effort to keep it simple, let's talk about a few options. 

What Is pH Afterall?

pH is used to describe a scale of acidity or basicity of a solution. Ranging from  0-14, a pH of 7 is neutral, anything less than 7 represents an acidic or low pH solution.  Anything more than a 7 represents a basic or high pH (alkaline) in your pool and spa water.

What Makes My pH Change?

Here is a quick list of factors that change the pH levels in your water:

  • Sanitizers (chlorine, bleach)
  • Evaporation
  • Pool and Spa Chemicals
  • Alkalinity
  • Rain
  • Source Water
  • Airborne Debris
  • Swimmer Wastes (yup ... sweat, sunscreen, makeup and even urine!)

When your water's pH shifts out of balance, it'll directly affect the other chemical reactions that take place in your pool and spa water.  

pH and Chlorine Effectiveness 

Chlorine is known by many as the number one chemical used for maintaining pool and spa water.  It's supposed to disinfect the microorganisms that are hiding in your water.  But for chlorine to do it's job, it depends on optimal pH and alkalinity levels. High pH can cause cloudy pool and spa water while a low pH means the amount of available chlorine is lower.  It's safe to say that in both instances, chlorine cannot do its job effectively.

With that said, at Waters Choice we encourage all pool and spa owners to use our proprietary blend of Pure Enzymes for PoolsSpa and or Pure Enzymes for Swim Spas. We've said it before and we'll say it again, when using our enzyme water treatment you'll use MUCH LESS chlorine and maintaining your water will be almost effortless.  

Keep in mind that adding enzymes to your water is like taking vitamins to boost your immune system. With enzymes in your pool and spa water, a healthy living environment is established allowing you to use less chemicals. Unfortunately, many of the chemicals we use in pools and spas are harsh and cause our skin and hair to dry out, our eyes to burn, and give off strong odors. However, when we add enzymes, eliminate some chemicals, and cut back on others, these problems go away, and many positive things start to happen. 

Tip: With 20 years of developing enzymes, our formulas have been proven. Follow our recommended dosages on each individual bottle for optimum performance.

It's important to use pool and spa water test strips.

Culprits That Raise pH 

  • High Alkalinity
  • Algae
  • Pool Chemicals

High Alkalinity

When alkalinity is too high, pH will usually follow suit.  These two factors fall hand in hand with each other  so if one shifts, the other will as well.  So, if your pool or spa water is experiencing high pH and high alkalinity, lowering the alkalinity will also bring down the pH level.


Algae uses up carbon dioxide and the less carbon dioxide that's in your pool, the higher the pH will go. Therefore, your pool will naturally become more alkaline over time as a result of the escaping carbon dioxide gas particles.

Pool Chemicals

Some sanitizers, sodium bicarbonate and soda ash will raise pH levels in your pool and spa water. Furthermore, overuse of high pH sanitizer will cause your pool and spa's pH levels to go up.  According to our research, when it comes to salt water systems, pH can rise as well, as a side effect of this type of sanitizing system.  In our opinion, the best advice is to add small amounts of chemical at a time and then re-test the water before adding more.  

Can I Use My Pool or Spa With A High pH? 

Honestly, swimming in your pool or sitting in your spa with a high pH is a risky decision. Water that is unbalanced resulting in poor disinfection isn't a good idea. The presence of micro organisms, water diseases, and germs can be very harmful to your health.  It would be best to wait until the pH is back to optimal levels and safe again.

Ways To Lower pH

The good news is that there are a couple of different ways to lower pH levels.

  1. Muriatic Acid (Hydrochloric Acid)
  2. pH Decreaser (Sodium Bisulfate)
  3. Vinegar  ​​​​​​

pH Down is a dry acid or known as acid salt. It lowers pH and alkalinity and is MUCH SAFER  and EASY TO HANDLE in its granular form. Muriatic acid is a very powerful chemical but dangerous to use.  It's especially important to Avoid breathing its fumes or any backsplash on your skin or clothing. Household vinegar is certainly a natural way to lower pH but it's very WEAK when compared to the stronger acids. In addition to this, vinegar causes a reaction leaving acetates in your water.

Will Pool and Spa Water Lower On Its Own?

This is a great question and one we get often. Unfortunately if a pool or spa's water is left to fight its own battle, the pH will always rise naturally. (According to our research, this is true especially for pebble, plaster or quartz pools.) Remember, take our advice and adjust alkalinity and pH over time. Visit our FAQ for spas or FAQ for pools on our website for more information.  

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Trust us, we're the experts! On another note, you can also directly text us from our website, send us an email, or simply give us a call.  We really enjoy talking to our customers and helping them.


Equally important, keeping pool and spa water balanced doesn't have to be a tricky business especially if you're using Waters Choice Pure Enzyme water treatment. Make sure to share our information with your friends and find us on all of your favorite social media platforms.  Sign up for our informative newsletters so you can receive the latest tips and tricks when using our enzyme treatments before anyone else.

You'll find additional products such as testing strips, spa filters, aromatherapy spa saltssanitizer, pH Up and pH Down along with helpful testimonials from our satisfied customers.  One more thing, click over to YouTube, subscribe to our channel and watch our many videos. We work hard to update and add videos frequently.



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