Summer-Time Hot Tubbing

A 102 degree hot tub may not sound appealing when the outside summer temperatures hit scorching 90+ days. But you
can still enjoy the therapeutic waters and pulsating jets of your hot tub, even in the summer heat. Yes, even in
the summer heat!

Cool Water Instead of Hot Water

Water's Choice hot tub summer fun

Try turning the temperature down to 95 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Honestly, anything lower than your average
body temperature will feel relaxing, even during the hottest days.

Furthermore, if you really want to cool down and transform your hot tub into a “cool tub” turn the temperature
down to 85 degrees or lower.

As a side note, make sure to keep your spa cover on when it’s not in use so your hot tub won’t absorb the sun’s

Try Hot Tubbing At Night

It’s worth pointing out that once the sizzling sun has set, you can also enjoy your soak without worrying about
the harmful sun rays.

Thankfully, temperatures tend to be cooler as well. In fact, you can create your own ambiance by using lights and
an indulgent aromatherapy spa salt.

We carry a fantastic line of delicious scents that we think you’ll love; even a sample pack.

Find them HERE.

Clean and Drain Your Spa

Water's Choice hot tub summer fun

Another key point is that the start of your summer season is also the perfect time to drain and refill your hot
tub. Furthermore, if you use Waters Choice Enzymes (and we certainly hope you do)
you’ll only need to drain and re-fill ONCE A YEAR rather than four or more times a year.

When it’s time to do this, use our proprietary Waters Choice Clean & Drain to purge the hot tub plumbing and keep your
spa lines clear.

Skin Protection

It’s important to realize that water attracts the sunlight. Make sure to give yourself protection by adding shade
to your hot tub.

We suggest an umbrella or sun shade. Notably, you can also wear sunscreen but that adds oil to your water.

In that case however, if you use Waters
Choice Ultra Natural Sanitation System
, our unique blend of enzymes will take care of the oils in your water
and you won’t have to worry.

One more thing, you’ll want to stay hydrated while in the hot sun. It’s a great idea to keep a water bottle by
the spa and drink frequently while soaking.

By all means,it’s also a great idea to drink plenty of fresh, cold water BEFORE you take your soak, it’ll help as

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Water's Choice hot tub summer fun