Theraputic Spa Salts

In our book, there aren’t too many things that are more RELAXING than taking a hot tub soak at the end of long day.  One item that can make it even more relaxing – add SPA SALTS!  


Spa Salts Are Refreshing!


Waters Choice’s Spa Salts are healthy for you and your family! Not to mention the fact that sea salts are well known for their properties to refresh your mind and spirit.  Equally important, they hold several therapeutic benefits.  


Stimulating circulation, reducing inflammation and relieving chronic pain are just a few ways spa salts are therapeutic.  In the same fashion, spa salts can bring relief from joint and muscle pain, arthritis, poor circulation and fatigue.


Therapeutic Benefits


Waters Choice sample pack of aromatherapy spa salts.In addition to their therapeutic benefits, Waters Choice spa salts are specially formulated to work with our exclusive enzyme treatment.  


They’re designed for hot tub use, so won’t clog up plumbing or harm equipment.  


Our sea salts are blended varieties with the added benefit or aromatherapy.  


Our salts fully dissolve and can be added in single doses before you begin your spa session.  


Furthermore, an added benefit is that they’re available in SIX different SCENTS.  


Want to try each one before making the commitment of purchasing one large container?  Try our unique sample pack!  Are you ready to start using our amazing spa salts?  


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