Spa Startup and Care Kits from Waters Choice

The 2020 pandemic has changed the way we recreate and it’s predicted to continue to change for years to come. Individuals and families are encouraging a trend of outside entertainment such as a new pool or spa, into their backyards.

familyspaThey're purchasing hot tubs and swimming pools at alarming rates. Therefore bringing frenzy back into the pool and spa industry that they haven’t seen in years.

It seems that literally, everybody wants a pool or spa right now.

As a result, the boom in that industry bodes well for us at Waters Choice too!

With over 20 years’ experience, we are leaders in the industry. As a matter of fact, we manufacture and package our own Enzyme Treatment for your swimming pool and hot tub/swim spa water locally in Boise, Idaho!

Specialized Spa Startup and Care Kits

Waters Choice spa care and startup kits have everything you need in one box.Along with that, we’ve created specialized Spa Startup and Care Kits (especially handy right now with so many purchasing new hot tubs for their backyards).

Additionally, we also carry a variety of quality Filters, pH Up, pH Down, Sanitizer, and specific Testing Strips that personally use.

By the way, have you checked out our AMAZING Aromatherapy Spa Salts Sample packs make it simple to try them all!

For this reason, you’ll easily find our Waters Choice website as a one-stop shopping kind of experience.

Rest Assured Waters Choice Is Here For You

According to an article in the November 2020 issue of AQUA magazine, builders that typically finished one pool per day were getting 100 requests per week!  It’s been one of the most unique, inspiring, and stressful years in memory.

Unfortunately, many pool and spa companies are experiencing issues from labor shortages to manufacturers limiting or shutting down production.

Thankfully concern about labor shortages, suppliers’ production backlogs, and the stress of never knowing what might change hasn’t been an issue for us.

We continue to pride ourselves on providing quality products, timely shipping, and incredible customer service.  In other words, don’t be surprised when you receive personal attention and unmatched support after calling or e-mailing us.


Impact of the 2020 Pandemic


WeareOKCorrespondingly, the impact of the pandemic has reached Waters Choice in unexpected, positive ways. 


We’ve hired additional employees to handle increased production and sales, seamlessly transitioning into larger production. 


After all, maintaining quality assurance and excellent customer service is paramount. 


Our loyal and diverse clientele can tell you firsthand that we have an enzyme product that presents the best of both worlds when it comes to pool and spa water maintenance.


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Timely Delivery

In other words, when other suppliers are dealing with prominent changes in the supply and demand curve, Waters Choice is ahead of the game. 


Our manufacturing will not shut down or slow production.  Your orders will arrive in a timely manner where others are taking a month or 12 to 16 weeks. 


Furthermore, with so many valuable years of experience in this industry, we can think on our feet, plan ahead and be creative with our solutions.


One Final Point

ChristmasshareAs a final point, Waters Choice is very OPTIMISTIC about next year.

We look forward to serving your water care needs with continued sales and customer loyalty. 

Please feel free to share our blog posts and newsletters with your friends. 

In fact, we encourage you to visit us on our social media platforms and spread the good news about Waters Choice.