Enzymes – The Perfect Alternative to Chlorine

Waters Choice enzymes enzymes are a natural, powerful, and healthy way to clean your pool!   In late August of 2020, Hurricane Laura rolled into New Orleans wreaking havoc on many homes and businesses. The storm caused a fire at KIK Custom Products’ Biolab plant that lasted three days.  This particular manufacturing plant was responsible for pool chemicals such as “trichlor” and “dichlor”. 


As a result of this, pool professionals and pool owners alike, will possibly need to find pool sanitizing alternatives. Chlorine may not be as readily available as before. But wait! Enzymes are a very proactive approach to conserving chlorine.  They attack and break down oils and organic matter in pool water.  As a result, enzymes free up chlorine for disinfecting purposes. YES!


Natrual enzymes keep your pool clean and sparkling fresh.

Enzymes – An Excellent Alternative to Large Chlorine Use


The GOOD NEWS is that Waters Choice ENZYMES are an excellent alternative to chlorine! If you’re new to our enzyme water treatment product click this link Why Enzymes? to learn more. 



Balanced Pool Water Is Key


Keep Pool Water Balanced

First and foremost the need to keep your swimming pool water balanced is important. By doing this one thing, you’ll reduce the need for as much chlorine. Keeping your water healthy with enzymes REDUCES the NEED for chlorine.  Listen to this, Waters Choice’s proprietary blend of enzymes will decrease the amount of chlorine normally used, while optimizing and eliminating the big swings in your pool’s water chemistry.


Salt Generator Systems


Waters Choice enzymes work well with salt generator systems too!  Click this link to learn more Will-Enzymes-Work-With-Salt-Generators?  According to our sources, chlorine generation using a salt system has been rising in popularity.  Pool owners enjoy the fact that they no longer have to lug home large containers of tablets from the pool store.  But we like to point out that when using our proprietary blend of enzyme water treatment, you’ll rarely have to lug home many containers of chlorine anyway.  Check out our FAQ section from our website.


Whether you’re using a salt chlorine generator or not it’s still REALLY IMPORTANT to monitor and balance the other aspects of your pool water. Did you know Waters Choice sells water testing strips along with a couple of great enzyme purchasing options? Click on this link for testing strips and this link for options.


Other Proactive Actions


Additional proactive suggestions that’ll help you manage your pool’s water is regular running of the pump.  Secondly, a variable speed pump might be a handy option.  It’s interesting to know that this type of pool pump saves on electrical costs in the long run.


Furthermore, water that’s constantly moving is less likely to become contaminated when compared to stagnant water. It’s important to double check that you’re using the correct amount of enzymes. As a reminder, the small amount of chlorine needed when using our enzyme water treatment saves you money as well.


Change Can Be Hard


Of course, using new methods to maintain your pool water can have its own challenges. Our customer service team is only a phone call or email away to help you.  Please feel free to give us a call at 208-949-2800 or send us an e-mail message at support@waterschoice.com . We enjoy speaking with our customers.


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