Is Your Hot Tub Air-Locked?

“My hot tub is running but there’s nothing coming through the jets. What’s wrong?”

There are many reasons this could be happening and the solution could be as simple as the jets not being open.
But it could also be an air lock which is simple to fix. Air locks occur when the water level drops too low or
after a water change.Generally speaking, air gets trapped in the plumbing lines or equipment.

Water's Choice hot tub air lock

Your hot tub has sensors that detect water flow or water line pressure. This is to protect your hot tub heater
from coming on when water is not flowing past heating elements or flowing fast enough.

Additionally, when an air lock occurs, it’s common for these sensors to detect low flow or low pressure, which
results in the heater becoming disabled until the problem is fixed.

If you’ve recently drained and refilled your spa and one of your pumps isn’t working, it’s most likely an air

(Quickly, check that your jets are not simply closed first).

Here are a few steps you can follow to determine if your hot tub has an air lock and how to possibly fix it.

1) Identify which pump isn’t working.

2) Determine if a reset button has clicked out on it.

3) Make sure the reset button is on.

4) Confirm the shaft is in fact spinning

5) Carefully use a hammer and a screwdriver to loosen the union. This allows the air to escape that’s being
trapped.**The airlock is just staying there and it’s circulating but not allowing water to move.

6) Now simply back off a bit, not too far.You don’t want the union to pop completely off, rather, you’re only
going to let it go about one revolution.Water will come out and some air will escape (which is what you want).

7) Don’t be surprised when the pump surges and it will start running again.

8) This process may take up to 3 or 4 minutes, once it’s running again you’ll have more water.

9) That should be it! The airlock should be gone.


As a reminder, you may receive an error message on the topside control display such as “FLO”.

This is normal and a very useful safety feature.Don’t disable this, fix the problem instead.

If by chance, this doesn’t work you may need to contact a professional to help you with unclogging your hot tub.

You don’t want anything to stop you from enjoying fun and relaxation in your spa.

Make sure to visit our web site at and check out the FAQ section. Our tips should help you avoid any technical issues
and assurance that you’ve properly cleaned and taken care of your hot tub.

Water's Choice hot tub air lock

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