Showering Before You Swim

Our enzyme products are extremely effective for
keeping your pool as clear as possible. We truly believe that if you use our system you’ll enjoy cleaner,
healthier and more pleasant water. However, it’s still wise to combine our water treatment with pool etiquette.

One of the most important things you can do before swimming is to take a shower. Unfortunately, the practice of
showering before entering the pool is ignored by many and the majority of people never wash off before swimming.
Here is why you should always take a shower before you use your pool.


Generally speaking, if you are swimming in someone else’s pool, you should do everything you can to leave it as
clean as before you entered it. It’s just polite not to expose any guests to extra contaminants that can be
dangerous for other swimmers in certain situations. By showering you greatly reduce the amount of these
contaminants from reaching the water.

Harmful for the Pool

Water's Choice Clean pool tip shower

Furthermore, if swimmers shower before entering the pool, there will be far less upkeep needed on the pool.

Although many people think the smell of chlorine is an indication of a clean pool, nothing can be farther from
the truth. Needless to say, that smell only occurs when the chemicals are reacting with impurities.

A truly clean pool would have much less odor than one filled with foreign substances.

Showering before swimming creates a cleaner and healthier pool that doesn’t need as many cleansing agents to be

You’ll want your water to remain as natural as possible and keeping it as free as possible from contaminants is a
great way to do it. Read our FAQ’s here.

Help Spread Awareness

As has been noted, showering before swimming is vital for keeping your swimming pool clean and all swimmers safe
from dangerous bacteria and viruses.

While most people are unaware of how important it is to clean off before heading to the pool, spreading awareness
will hopefully make this practice more widespread.

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Water's Choice Clean pool tip shower