Avoiding Public Places By Creating Entertainment At Home


The days leading up to the pandemic feel like they were part of another lifetime don’t they?  Public places were busy, social distancing was unheard of and stores still had a regular supply of items in stock.  However, one question remains … when stay-at-home orders and mask mandates are lifted, but the virus still around; will the social distancing mindset remain with most of us? 


Since March, air travel and family vacations have been postponed as well as other types of entertainment that involve public space. 


With this said, it’s important to keep in mind that there is STILL one venue that remains reliable and that is HOME. 


Home-Based Lifestyles


Many families are finding a home-based lifestyle to be a good thing.Thankfully, homeowners around the United States are realizing that home is not such a bad place to be. 


We’re all investing in home repairs and upgrades instead of vacationing and traveling. 


We’re creating beautiful and exciting backyards with pools and outdoor kitchens as well as playing or excising in our swim spa. 


Additionally, the pandemic has also created a great reminder that a 20 minute soak in the hot tub can boost your immune system and simply relieve stress brought on by circumstances beyond our control. 


By using our natural and pure enzyme water treatment spa and hot tub maintenance makes things even more simple.


Family Time is BACK!


In the face of stay at home and school at home orders, pool and spa owners have received a new sense of freedom in their own backyard – a virus free sanctuary for their family and close friends while at the same time, feeling a powerful appreciation for their home-based recreation.


Working From Home


According to the U.S. Census, before the shutdown, about 5% of the workforce was home-based.  Practically overnight that figure grew!  Employees found themselves trying to conduct business and school their children from home.  Employees found ways to contribute from their home offices and living rooms via the computer.


Aromatherapy Spa Salts Help Relieve Stress


As a side note, Waters Choice’s Aromatherapy Spa Salts are also an uncomplicated way to relieve stress.  Customer favorites this time of year include, Wellness and RefreshTranquility comes in a close third with its WARM and SPICY scent infused with rich vanilla and berries.  Wellness brings an extravagant blend of PEPPERMINT, EUCALYPTUS and ROSEMARY along with a strong MINTY scent.  Refresh has a smooth scent of CUCUMBER mixed with sweet and juicy MELON.  Make sure you give them a try!


Transitions to Another New, Normal


As the world transitions back into another new, normal routine it’s important to remember what we’ve learned through this pandemic and that is: HOME is the only space we control, and it will fill a larger role in our lives from now on.


We’re Committed to Your Safety


Waters Choice offers fast shipping with domesting 2 day priority shipping.In spite of everything, we are committed to getting your Waters Choice products to you safely. 


Above all, we’re taking safety precautions for ourselves as well as our employees and ultimately, for you. 


We remain OPEN and shipping product via USPS and UPS. 


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Thank you to the June 2020 copy of AQUA Magazine and Mr. Alex Paniagua