Making It Easy To Change Things Up with Fiberglass Pools

Are you ready to change things up in your backyars?Looking for something different than what you see in your neighbors’ yard?


Are you ready to change things up with your swimming pool design?


Fiberglass Pools


Fiberglass pools sport many sizes, multiple shapes and features that homeowners want.


Moreover, wouldn’t it be fun to add large tanning ledges, beach-entry designs and sunken living areas to your backyard pool?


After reading the summer edition of PoolPro magazine we found an interesting article about fiberglass pools that may hold some interesting information for you and may even convince you to install a different pool and upgrade to more of a resort-style feature to your backyard.


Installing Fiberglass Pools Have The Lowest Learning Curve


According to this article, fiberglass pools are an excellent option, have the lowest learning curve for installation and can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to build a gunite or vinyl liner pool.  Additionally, fiberglass pools offer all the features many pool owners demand these days. 


Simple Installation in Almost Any Temperature!


Not only that, but fiberglass pools can also be installed in virtually any temperature.  Cold temperatures and rain delay the installation of a vinyl-liner or gunite pool, but high water tables and freeze-thaw conditions affect their installation as well.


Actually, according to the author, with a fiberglass pool, maintenance costs are ultimately lower, especially when comparing one or two liner changes and the possibility of tears from bad winters.  Not to mention the amount of time it takes to wait to get the liner repaired or replaced. When compared to this, the cost of a fiberglass pool isn’t all that expensive.


Well Suited for Automatic Pool Covers


Fiberglass pools are also well suited for automatic pool covers.  Notably, fiberglass pools offer the features and benefits that will help your family make the best of the post Covid season.


Waters Choice natural water care makes water maintenance simple.It’s important to realize that Waters Choice’s enzyme water treatment will continue be an excellent option for treating your pool water. 


Our specialized enzymes are the perfect fit for your new fiberglass pool. 


In addition to that, Waters Choice enzymes will cut out most traditional chemicals.


It’s important to note that when using our enzymes, you can eliminate opening and closing chemicals, reduce chlorine use, and stop using shock. 

Using Enzymes Saves YOU Money


In fact, these savings will most definitely offset the cost. In addition to this, and aside from the cost savings, our pool enzymes will save you time.


Cleaning pool filters will be easier and they will actually last longer between cleanings. (Click HERE for a great blog post about this.) You’ll find that your pool water will stabilize and won’t bounce every time you have a party or it rains.


Soft Skin and Hair!


Amazingly, you'll find that your skin and hair will stay soft, your children’s eyes will not burn when they open them under water, and swimsuits will last longer. In other words, you’ll be swimming in water that’s as close to nature as possible. Yes!


Tanning ledge swimming pool.Make the best of your family’s time at home with a new design for your backyard pool.


Enjoy Your Backyard


You’ll be enjoying the features and benefits that a fiberglass pool can offer while making the best of this Covid season as well as the benefits of using Waters Choice’s enzyme water treatment.


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