Starting Your Spa with Waters Choice

Water chemistry can be difficult and confusing, so we like to make it simple! Hot tubs provide an excellent way to unwind and relax with family in the privacy of your home or backyard. 


Taking care of a hot tub should be as easy as soaking in it.  So, let us turn your spa water care from confusing to simple. 


Waters Choice spa care kit has everything you need to start up a new spa or take care of an old one.Waters Choice Spa Kits


Waters Choice creates their own unique Spa Startup Kits that’ll make it super easy to maintain your spa water with everything you need ALL IN ONE BOX. 


These kits utilize a MONTHLY application with enzymes or a CONCENTRATED enzyme as well as pH Up and pH Down, Sanitizer and test strips



These boxes don’t contain just a few meager samples either! 

Full Sized Products Inside


Our Care Kits contain full size products, instructions (both easy startup and complete instructions that are more in-depth as well as instructions for those looking for more information).


Comparatively, we have 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 7-month startup kits.  The first 3 kits listed use our 12 oz bottles of Pure Enzymes Startup and Monthly Application, which is our monthly enzyme format. 


The 1-month startup kits includes everything you’ll need including one bottle of enzyme treatment. 


Our 3-month kit contains everything you need including 3 bottles of enzymes.  Likewise, our 6-month kit contains everything you’ll need, including 6 bottle of enzymes. 


Startup Kit with Every Other Week Application


Waters Choice's 7-month startup kit uses the 2oz Spa Enzyme Concentrate which is a 6-month supply of enzymes.  Simply add a capful every other week. 


Along with that, our kit contains 1-bottle of the Pure Enzymes for the first month of startup.  We have an additional option for you called a 7-month startup kit.  This includes 1- 12 oz Pure Enzymes Startup and Monthly Application AND 1- 2 oz Spa Enzyme Concentrate which is a six month supply (hence the 7 months).


Take Note – 2 oz Enzymes


Remember, our 2oz enzyme water care product must be added EVERY TWO WEEKS where the 12 oz enzyme water care product is added ONCE A MONTH.


A Great New Feeling!


New hot tub or spa?The first thing you’ll notice with our enzyme spa water care treatment products are that you won’t need to feel like a chemist. 


Instead of adding a variety of chemicals to your water once, twice, and ever three times a week, we ask that you add our enzyme treatment at the MOST, twice a MONTH. 


Uniquely, instead of changing your spa water out 2 to SIX times a year, we recommend changing your water ONCE a year and then using our spa purge product called Clean and Drain.


Believe it or not, you’ll actually cut your time-consuming maintenance while saving money by not having to purchase extra chemicals and products. 


Enzymes will help prevent equipment from wearing out, reducing the amount of costly repairs needed. 


Enjoy Peace of Mind


Correspondingly, by using Waters Choice's enzyme system, you’ll be saving your health by significantly reducing the amount of odorous, dangerous chemicals. 


Not to mention preventing burning eyes, irritated skin and damages to your hair and swim wear.