Getting Your Pool Ready For Winter and Sand Filter Tips

Pool closing season is here and in different regions, the process of winterizing your swimming pool changes with the temperature.  (As a reminder, when using Waters Choice enzymes in your pool water, there isn’t a need for closing chemicals. Click HERE for frequently asked questions)


With that said, swimming pool owners often take closing as an opportunity to get filters ready for spring opening.  Cartridge filters are removed for cleaning and sand beds are prepped so they’ll be in peak condition for pool opening.


A Couple of Tips


Waters Choice Pool Enzyme familyAs a reminder, when closing your swimming pool using Waters Choice Pool Enzyme Concentrate, add 2oz of treatment per 10k gallons of water, 2 weeks in a row to your CLEAN/CLEAR pool water and then close.  


**You’ll have NO NEED for any other closing chemicals.


Or do you use Waters Choice Pure Enzymes for Pools monthly enzyme application?  


Simply add 1 bottle to CLEAN/CLEAR pool water and then close it.  



**Again, you’ll NOT need any other closing chemicals.  Yes! Really!


So you ask, how many gallons of water does my pool hold??  Measure the Length x Width x Depth x 7.5 and that will equal your total gallons of water.


Have additional questions regarding swimming pool closing?  Click HERE for an informative blog post about this very topic or give us a call, we’re always happy to help.


Sand Filters are Robust!


As a matter of fact, sand filters are renown for their robustness as pool filter equipment.  But, if you happen to have very hard water and high calcium hardness levels; calcium buildup can become a problem in a sand pool filter.  


Too much calcium buildup in swimming pool water often leads to calcification in the sand filter.  


Furthermore, if the water is hard enough and the problem has been ignored too long, the sand bed can look like it could be used as a concrete footing. -*Yikes* In that case, it is best to replace the sand.  


Boost Filter Performance


Some technicians or pool owners prefer to add dry clarifier to help remove fine particles in pool water.  Clarifier coats the sand bed filling in nooks and crannies within the filter and is simply washed out during a backwash.  


Soaking the Sand Bed


One more thing, soaking the filters’ sand bed with a cleaning solution before the final backwash is another good way to avoid problems that can occur after a full swimming season and a long winter. 


An Alternative to Sand


Sand versus Zeolite for your pool filter.While pool grade sand is an excellent water filter media, some pool owners prefer to use Zeolite as an alternative.  


Zeolite refers to a group of porous minerals containing silicon, aluminum and oxygen.  


Additionally, this filtering medium also removes the ammonia produced from dead organic material in the water.  (This is another great reason to regularly maintain your pool water and remove debris quickly.)


Finally, when refilling your pool’s sand filter, it’s important to maintain the proper “head space” above the sand bed.  


That space is intended to dissipate the turbulence of the incoming flow of water and produce steady water pressure over the sand bed.  


Without the right amount of headspace, you’ll find uneven pressure across the sand bed and channeling will result with water running straight through the channel without being filtered.


Additional Maintenance


At Waters Choice, we find that closing season is the perfect time to provide some additional maintenance to your pool equipment.  


Check your hoses, chlorinator and it’s lines.  Check out your pump filter lid gasket and even your pool pump for additional issues.  Taking care of these little things while the pool is closed will make springtime opening a seamless event. 


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