Our Industry is BUZZING!

Our industry is buzzing over the growth of the swim spa market … and so is Waters Choice! According to the June 2019 issue of AQUA Magazine and their State of the Industry report; they found that 67% of retailers carry swim spas, and most pros feel confident about the swim spa’s future. We do too!

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Swim spas appeal to space-conscious homeowners seeking an alternative to a swimming pool or swimming enthusiasts living in seasonal areas.Some users simply seek out its therapeutic benefits, some for leisure or exercise.

Swim Spa – Known as the “Tweener”

The popular emergence of the swim spa as a “tweener” (a vessel between a pool and a spa in both size and temperature) brings forth a question regarding how to balance its water.

The popular swim spa isn’t a swimming pool and it isn’t a spa/hot tub either.

Swim Spa Enzymes

As a swimming pool, hot tub combination it is hard to know what kind of maintenance routine and products to use.

Waters Choice has the solution.

Our swim spa enzyme treatment is similar to our regular enzyme spa treatment, but a stronger, more concentrated formula to deal with the larger amount of water your swim spa contains.

Simple, Effective, Powerful

"I just wanted to share how much I like Waters Choice. My swim spa stays crystal clear and has no nasty chlorine/chemical odor. It's simple, SIMPLE, simple to use! Great Results!" -Donna

Our Swim Spa Enzyme Treatment is formulated for swim spas 1,200 gallons or more.

One tiny little bottle is a super concentrated formula that will last 6 months. To get your swim spa started off right, add 2 bottles (1,500 gallons or smaller) or 3 bottles (over 1,500 gallons) of our Pure Enzymes for Spas. These bottles will take care of your spa for the first month.

*After that, switch to the concentrate and add one capful every other week.

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Here is another helpful Tip:

By using Waters Choice’s specially designed swim spa enzymes, you’ll only need to drain and refill your swim spa every 3-5 Years. By using traditional chemicals, it will require you to drain and refill once every year.

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For additional information about setting up your swim spa or if you might be new to using our enzymes for your water, make sure to visit our website specifically at this link: https://www.waterschoice.com/swim-spa-learn-more/

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